Melissa Erdmann is on sabbatical at Colorado State University during the 2015-2016 academic year.
She is working on medical imaging with Professor Jennifer Mueller.


Previous Homework assigned in Mathematics for Liberal Arts .

Statistics Candy Data
Elliott Elementary School Math Night 2007

Spring 2008 Kappa Mu Epsilon Initiation

Huntington Journal Exchange Party

Putnam Participants 2005

Putnam Participants 2006

Holiday Party

Pi Day Festivities 2008

Madison, South Dakota MAA Meeting Spring 2007

The Rubix Cube Unravelled 2010

Pi Day 2010

Huntington Visit 2010

Christmas Party 2010

Huntington Sudoku Party 2010

Huntington Journal Exchange Article December 2010

First Annual Pi Day Fun Run  March 2011

Kappa Mu Epsilon Initiation Spring 2011

Kappa Mu Epsilon Initiation and Picnic with Juggling Spring 2013

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